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  The Affordability of Learning  

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trodr3 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 17, 2014
      In today's technological age, educational institutions are moving towards incorporating more web based learning experiences for students. However, while this idea may seem beneficial, there are many pitfalls that could end up outweighing any benefits a student may receive from the experience.

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The article "Parent's Fury After 'Discriminating' School Trip" by Gema Bate which was published in the Worcestershire News October 1st, 2014 discusses a school trip that left out English speaking students. On September 30th of this year, St-Mary's Primary School, in Kidderminster, England took children who did not speak English as their first language to a petting farm, while the other students stayed at school for their usual lessons.

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Ebola, Also an Outbreak of Racism?            

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Video games and film industries become educational institution for young boys to teach violence in North America. Almost every year mass shootings make news headline in America.  Girls are influenced by sexiness and beauty of Hollywood movie stars while boys imitate the violent behaviours of the video games and movies characters in their real life. We introduce violence to boys at very young age through movies like American movie “Kung Fu Panda” in which characters are fun for kids to watch, but in the mean time they are exposed to violence situations.

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Nowadays, when we think of the word "injustices", we mostly tend to think about racial minorities, women and non-heterosexuals. However, the very last thing that comes to mind is the ones aimed directly towards men. Why wouldn't it be, they are the privileged sex after all, are they not? Unfortunately the vast majority of us think men don't have to deal with any discriminatory issues because they have all the power and respect in our society . But let's not be blind before this unthought about and overlooked issue.

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