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wburg1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 17, 2014
When it comes to college, sleep is one of those things a student can’t ever seem to get enough of. Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter studying or an all-nighter partying, messing with your sleep schedule and your quality of sleep can drastically affect your learning potential. Sleep isn’t just important for school, it is also important for your health.

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This short news article is written and published on Dailymail UK and is based on a comedy central star Stephen Colbert. The reason why he is being talked about is because of certain comments he had made on his late night talk show. He had made some apparent fake racial comments on another news story that had been deemed racist by him. This had become an issue because a tweet posted by him on twitter had made some racial comments against Chinese people, the backlash that had happened were by a lot of people wanting his show to be cancelled because of his show being far too racist.

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In this case, published in the Journal of Advance Nursing in 1998, there is a woman named Susan that does not value her life anymore and wants to die. Before judging, here is a little back ground on Susan. Susan is 27 years old lawyer, well-traveled and liked skiing. She was engaged to a man named John. One day they ended up in a car crash. John died but Susan survived but became paralyzed from the neck down. Susan spent many months assessing her situation and decided it was worthless. She could not do anything and at that point was just wasting resources.

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Recently, Russia has invaded the Ukraine again and not much news or action from other countries has been done. We are literally just sitting here discussing the latest Iphone while Russia invades Ukraine without any resistance. The big question arising from this situation is if we should reinstate Nato and place forces into the Ukraine to help the Ukrainian and keep the peace. In the current situation, Russian forces can just walk into Ukraine and take control. Is it immoral to not help people in need?

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This article is talking about making health care available to all Americans. This article was written by Carolyn Clancy and was released in the American Journal of Public Health in the September 2, 2014 issue. The main issue in the article is should every American have access to decent health care services or should the people who can afford it pay for the people who can’t afford. The number of people without health care in the States of dropped 26% which is a lot since there are so many people living in America.

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I read “Make your choice:Games or Grades”. The author insisted that” I play electronic games every day and my grade have not been as good as they potentially could be.”  I totally disagree with the author’s opinion because it is difficult to keep the only study. Probably, the author would play games too many times. It is natural that the grades will became low if people keep on playing games, and to make matters worse, they can be in poor health due to lack of sleep by doing extra game.

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