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Recycle & Reuse   What is our goal?   Our goal for this project is to make use and profit out of plastics that would have cost us money otherwise.   Why are we pursuing this goal?   We are pursuing this goal because it is much eco-friendlier to make use of what was already processed than to send it who knows where. Also, so much recycling is wasted when food or other such products are thrown into the recycling bin. This is leads to being able to reuse so much less materials.

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The article ‘’Air pollution rising at an 'alarming rate' in world's cities’’ written by John Vidal describes the growing phenomenon in cities all around the world that is air pollution. Through the use of datas and quotations, the author of this article shows that air pollution is a phenomenon that is growing worldwide and that it is truly detrimental to our cities.  In the past five years, according to recent studies, air pollution has globally increased by 8%.

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In his article, Mr. Krishnamurthy tells us about India’s urban population growth and how it brings many issues for Indian cities to deal with. Indeed, from 2001 to 2011, the urban population increased by 91 million. As of right now, more than 377 million Indians live in urban areas. This urban growth is explained by the author due to the fact that, because agriculture and related activities were the sole occupation available for people in rural areas and land being a limited resource, as the population grew, land could not support any further addition to the labour force in rural areas.

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In my article, the author, Richard Florida, explains the new housing crisis in Canada and how it has much to do with other urban problems such as inequality and the oppression of the poorer strata. The heart of the problem, according to him, is the surge of the young and educated in great numbers into the city. This has not only lead to the increase in housing price in our biggest cities, but most importantly in a sharp decline of house affordability.

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