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Steven Pinker said on the National Public Radio in 2016 that the world is becoming more peaceful. On the other hand, The Telegraph News (2017) said that the world is becoming more violent. Some people say that the world is going to be peaceful and others say the world is going to be bad and violently. I think the world is becoming violent now. There are two reasons which can prove why the world is becoming violently. The first reason is the relationship between North Korean and USA. The second reason is the situation of Syrian front.

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In Japanese schools, there are many problems like bullying, child abuse and quarrel. The Ministry of Education sees computers replacing teachers as a problem. Why did they pick it up as a problem? This is because the cause has some reasons. The reasons are the machine is superior in the ability and it is more intelligent than teachers. In my opinion, computers are difficult to help students, so they should not replace teachers. From now, I will write why computers should not replace teachers.

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 According to Coughlan (2015), OECD has ranked Australia, Denmark and Greece as the top countries in ‘average daily minutes using internet at school’, and the countries at the bottom of the list include Poland, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai and, South Korea. It is said that Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden had “significant declines” in reading performance, and Spain, Norway, and Denmark had results that had “stagnated” (Coughlan, 2015).

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Many students attend each school and they study a lot of subjects, but in school, there sometimes happens fighting or quarrel and so on. Along with those, bullying happens. Bullying is one of the most famous problems. Close to 224,540 reports of school bullying, or ijime in Japanese, emerged in 2015-16, according to the ministry. That was a 19 percent increase from the previous year — though officials say part of the rise was due to heightened awareness resulting from the 2013 law (Lim, 2017).

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The article “The Silicon Valley Suicides”, written by Hanna Rosin and posted December 2015 on The Atlantic, investigates the high rate of suicide among teenagers in the city of Palo Alto in particular. The investigation started after a suicide cluster, that is numerous death occurred in close succession and proximity, followed the suicide of Cameron Lee.

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In Japan, there are lots of issues. For example, aging society, child abuse, death from overwork and so on. Above all, children’s poverty is changing for the worse year by year. What is the poverty? It is to be poor and embarrassed in life. Today, I will talk about one serious issue about children. We must save children from poverty. How can we deal with the issue? The government needs to give good educational opportunities to the children.

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Do you know who the best gymnast in the world is? Probably most people have heard his name even if they do not know him well. Now he is the top gymnast in the world. His name is Kohei Uchimura. He was born on January 3th ,1989 in Nagasaki Prefecture. Surprisingly, he started gymnastics when he was only 3. I became his fan when I saw his performance in London Olympics on TV in 2012. Therefore, I will introduce Kohei Uchimura; his history, his style and what he learned from gymnastics.

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Do you know a person who is a gifted director in Japan? I think you know the man who founded Studio Ghibli. His name is Miyazaki Hayao. Have you heard of this name? He is famous in the world. His job is not only a movie director, but also an animator and a cartoonist. He has a good sense to make something such as animation movies, drawing pictures and so on, but he doesn’t depend on it. He is very stoic with himself. Why is he famous around the world? I want you to know about him.

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The baseball is liked around the world. Hideki Matsui is one of the most famous, Japanese professional baseball players in the world. He was born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1974. He retired from professional baseball in 2012. Now, he is serving as New York Yankees GM special adviser. He is loved by many people around the world even now. Why do I think like this? This is because he has a great character. Along with this, I will introduce his teams, his records and his baseball life now.

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Many tourists know Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Osaka, but many don’t know about the prefectures at the center of Japan. This particular prefecture is called Nagano. I have never been to Nagano, so I want to go there. There are many good sightseeing spots and historical buildings. I will introduce Zenko Temple, Matsumoto Castle, and Nojiri Lake.

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There are a lot of places where I would like to visit around the world. However, this time I chose one prefecture in Japan. The place which I would like to visit is Okinawa. I have never been to Okinawa but I know Okinawa has beautiful beaches. I have heard from my classmate that the distance between beach and school, hotel and house is very close so people in Okinawa can go to beach easily. Things that I want to do in Okinawa are just to go to the beach in the early morning and taking fresh air into my body.

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Do you have a place which you calm down your mind? I think that the place I would like to visit is the place I can calm down, so I chose one prefecture. I will introduce you about the prefecture which I would like to visit and I have never been to there. It is difficult for me to choose one prefecture, because I want to visit many place, but I chose one. It is Hokkaido. I tell you why I want to visit there and what I want to do there.

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