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            In “Michael Jordan says he was racist ‘against all white people’ as a young man”, published on May 7, 2014 on NewYork Daily News, Bill Price states that Michael Jordan, an American former professional basketball player, that he remembers being racist against all white people when he was a teenager. Also, according to, back in 1977 when Michael Jordan was a student, he recalls a girl calling him by the n-word. Jordan rebelled and threw a soda at her. From this moment he really considered himself racist.

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In the article " Richard Sherman: 'Racism is alive and active' in NFL and America (May 8th 2014), Sherman tells us how not surprised he is about the Racist comments said by now former NBA LA Clipper Owner Donald Sterling. This article explain that Donald Sterling was Banned for life of the NBA because of his Racist comments on players on his own team. Richard Sherman is one of the best NFL Athletes and is the Top paid cornerback of all time.

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The advertisement that I will be breaking down is a cologne advertisement by Tom Ford. In the advertisement there are 3 photos of a women nude. In each of these photos, the women has her sexual organ blocked by a bottle of cologne .What the advertisement is giving us is a highly sexual message. This message is giving to us by placing the product in front of her body parts. The reason the product is placed in that area of her body is to attract the attention of men who are looking for a

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In the article “Racially Disparate Views of New Orleans’s Recovery after Hurricane Katrina” by Campbell Robertson published August 24th 2015 in The New York Times, it is understood that the repercussions of Hurricane Katrina are still visible today. However, Robertson mainly focuses on the racial disparities and variations in the views of the level of recovery between the different ethnic groups from the area.

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