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In this advertisement, one can see two children modeling Gap Kids clothing. Though this ad is not the typical ad used when analyzing the sexism that can be found in advertisements, this is a gross example of how the sexism of society does not only exist when looking at ads targeted to adults but also to ads targeted at young children. There are many reasons as to why this ad is problematic. Those reasons are detrimental to societal views of women and will continue the cycle of women being objects and lesser than men.

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Meghan Oberg December 2, 2016 Blog Research 2 Draft

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Ibrahim Mohamad Karkouti’s (2016) study investigated the effect of predominantly White institutions (PWIs) on educational experiences of African Americans students. The main hypothesis of the study was that higher education institutions tend to have a conservative culture and discriminatory recruitment policies that create racial issues concerning the enrollment of African Americans students and their experience as college students.

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