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In the first episode of "Love, Hate & Propaganda", the documentary discussed about the fact that President Bush kept Saddam Hussein as a president of Iraq and that later on, claimed that Iraq was in possession of a weapon of mass destruction when there was no evidence of its existence. Do you believe that there a a link between the two facts? Why was he so certain about the weapon's existence and what was his motive behind his choice of keeping Saddam in power? 

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According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, extremism is "the fact of someone having beliefs that most people think are unreasonable and unacceptable". Before searching up the definition, I thought extremism was, as the name itself mentions, a movement containing extreme situations such as terrorist attacks. As I read the definition, I learned that extremism is related to politics and religion. An example of extremism in the actuality is the suicide bombings in Paris. The terrorists claimed before they died that they have done so to worship their God.

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              The news article "Sustainable urban development: it's time cities give back", written by Fiona Woo, questions whether architects, building investors and urban planners should keep constructing edifices with sustainable urban development in mind.

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     The article written by Tom Bawden discusses the plummeting hedgehog population in Great Britain. A new study has put the number of hedgehogs below one million, over a third lower than in 2011. Rapid urban development seems to be the main issue. Hedgehogs live in large grasslands and hedgerows, but new developments and infrastructure are fragmenting these areas of habitat. The fencing of land and gardens has also made it difficult for the animal to find food.

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Nobody really knows how much of the food we eat cosists of GMOs(Genetically Modified Organism). In Joel Edwards article "GMOs are dangerous to our health, according to latest independent research" he discusses how even though the GM food industry studies show that these foods are safe, new studies disagree. The first study discusses was the Seralini Study. Many say that this study is irrlavent because because of the way it was cundected. Edwards says that "The Seralini study was actually a well-designed and well-conducted study.

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              In the article "'Only 50 Years Left' for Sea Fish" by Richard Black, the author argues that fish are over-exploited . He makes reference to a scientific study stating that in half a century, there will be no more fish in seas if the current pattern is continuous (the pattern being the rate of decline in sea fisheries accelerating rapidly). According to Boris Worm, a researcher from Canada's Dalhousie University, we exploit species of fish until there is no more, assuming that there will be other species to exploit.

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Because of pollution, air quality is degrading almost everywhere, but, at several place, the air is so contaminated it makes breathing laborious. According to the journal Deutsche Welle, from Shanghai to Beijing, the smog periods kill people by the thousands every day. This serves only to make my point that by polluting the atmosphere, humans kill themselves faster than ever before. But what happens underwater? Acidification (addition of nutrients in a body of water) creates what scientists call dead zones which are areas devoid of oxygen where most organisms cannot survive.

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              Elizabeth Palermo argues in her article "King Crabs Arrive in Antarctic, with Claws Out for Biodiversity" that king crabs could be invading the whole seafloor of Antarctica due to climate change. She states that these crustaceans do live all over the globe, especially in the Alaskan coast. However, it was only discovered recently by scientists that they had advanced to the cold seawaters of Antarctica. According to the studies, the king crabs could throw the ecosystem into disorder.

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              The article "Cheap Oil an Opportunity for Fossil Fuel Price Reform" written by Glada Lahn argues that fuel costs should increase according to the severity it causes on health, carbon and resource degradation. She claims that the cut on fuel costs does not aid the environment's situation since it makes people buy more cheaper oil, hence, they produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from combustion.

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