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Swartz, Arogundade and Davis’ study (2014) focuses on the reflections of 164 students in a South African university in Cape Town, on their own personal experiences with the social structures and historical contexts of “white privilege” or any sort of un-earned advantages or disadvantages they feel that society gives them based upon certain attributes, either race, gender or sexuality. The study investigated the relationship between perceived experience with either societal advantages and disadvantages with race, gender, sexuality, etc.

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Halloween costumes have been the topic of many different social conversations especially around the time of October. More recently many different Halloween costumes have come under fire for promoting racist ideals. “Moana” is a new Disney movie that is coming to theatres in the near future. It depicts a young Polynesian girl who meets a demigod and they go on an adventure so she can appreciate her island heritage. Recently Disney has released a Halloween costume depicting the demigod character Maui.

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20 million dollars is being distributed to over 100 police departments by the Department of Justice in hopes to restore the public's trust in law enforcement with new technology.

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Prior to 2012, Valentino launched its Vogue Vanity campaign and it has since then received attention for all the wrong reasons. While the ad is meant to market an actually rather stunning red dress, it draws our attention instead to the mistreatment against women. In this advertisement, a woman is being pinned to the ground by a police officer as another man observes what is perceived by many as an act of violence. The subliminal message behind this ad is one of male dominance and authority over women.

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Growing up I was exposed to many cultures and ethnicities from a young age. I grew up in Banff, Alberta. Alberta is traditionally thought to be very white and euro-centric. Banff, however, has a very large Japanese population. When I was younger my friends and half of my classmates were Japanese, the other half being white or first nations. In addition to that, my mother is from New Zealand and of Maori descent. My father, however, is half Icelandic and half Danish.

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