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David Suzuki was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 24, 1936. His parents immigrated to Canada from Hiroshima at the beginning of the 20thcentury.  David Suzuki and his family were put in an internment camp during World War II. One of his siblings was born during their stay at the camp.  After the war, many Japanese families were force to move to Eastern Canada.  The Suzuki’s moved to London, Ontario. He went to Elementary school and High school in Ontario, but went to Amherst College in Massachusetts. He graduated from there with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, in 1958.

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I’m still undecided about writing the academic paper or volunteering, but my decision is leaning more towards the volunteering opportunity I chose. So far my plan is to volunteer at the “Les Amis de la Montagne.”  This organization aims to protect the environment at Mont Royal. They do this by informing the community on topics like the environment and they also work to conserve the mountains natural landscape.  I chose this organization because I like the outdoors.

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Encana is a Canadian company in Calgary. Encana is a leading North American energy producer that is producing natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids. I found Encana by searching on google. Then, I went on a list of the one hundred and ten most ethical companies. Encana was one of them and I found interesting that a company producing energy is ethical. I red a little about them and I was surprised how environmentally implicated they are.

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On Saturday February 16, Diane Francis’ article was featured in the National Post. The article is entitled “Dirty oil cleaner than clean coal.” It talks about the future of the Albertan oil sands. The Canadian government is planning on increasing its exportation of crude; they want to make a pipe line (Keystone Xl) going from Alberta to Texas. The crude will be sent to refineries in Texas, where it will be turned into useable oil. Obama is not completely on board with the project, because many environmentalists are concerned with the environmental repercussions.

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