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When we talk about sexual assault and violence, we immediately associate the victims of this crime as women and the perpetrators as men. While this is true in the majority of the cases, statistics show that 10% of rape victims in the U.S. are male (RAINN, 2009). The NewsActivist post Men Can't Be Raped described a case where a female security guard sexually molested a 15-year old boy.

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The article “Like Chris Brown, This Teenaged Black Boy is Struggling with the Normalization of His Rape” by Kirsten West Savali looks into an unusual case of rape in Virginia. Patience Perez was a security guard at Renaissance Academy when she approached a 15 year old boy, who desires to remain unnamed, and gave him her phone number and e-mail address.

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In 2012, a young girl by the name of Malala Yousafzai captured our attention when she was shot in the head by the Taliban… and survived. The now 16 year old was shot for fighting for women’s right to education, but how did it get that far?  

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As a young adult, I know how stressful it can be to think about what you would like to do for the next 30 years or so of your life. Questioning if all this hard work at school will be worth it, if at the end of the day you will like the career you chose or if you will have an impact on the world surrounding you. You might even think that once you started studying in a certain field, you can’t go back, you can’t switch career path. While doing research for this article, I came across a woman with a path that was not only surprising but very inspiring.

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The rate of successful marriage has declined over the years and many don't know why. Could observing gay and lesbian marriages help us understand why straight marriages are failing and help stop the rate of divorce?

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Whether we choose to ignore it or not, it can still be said that violence is a ubiquitous characteristic of our society. Though we usually see it as being manifested through regional armed conflicts or local crime, violence is something that can also be found, quite commonly, at home. Across the world, millions of households are gripped with the horror of domestic violence, which can lead to many victims suffering from physical and psychological pain, or worse. The issue of domestic violence is explored in two articles – one from The Gazette and another from the Guardian.

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