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                The City of Indianapolis proposed a bill named ‘’Homeless Bill of Rights’’, with the objective of improving homeless individuals’ condition.  It would be a first-of-a-kind in the United States and a major breakthrough for homeless rights. However, the mayor Greg Ballard vetoed the bill after the council voted in favor of such laws. The bill was supported by homeless helping organization who are frustrated by the results of their effort. The bill had for instance the inability to relocate a homeless person and allowed them to ‘’move freely in public spaces’’ (Eason).  

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Recently, a severe case of bullying has surfaced. An unnamed student in New York State has allegedly forced a special-need student to drink their own urine. The bully filmed the incident and posted the video on the Internet. In addition to this harassment, the student is also a repeated offender as he was involved in infamously bringing a bus driver to tears a few years ago. Nonetheless, Greece Athena High School, the school where the incident occurred, has taken measures to make sure nothing similar happens again.

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Animal Rescue Network is a non-profit organization that helps and gives a second chance to abandoned or abused cats. This organization provides shelter and organizes a system of foster homes for the rescued felines. The shelter offers housing, sterilization and physical as well as emotional care. If you are interested in applying, you must be at least fifteen years of age; you need to work at least three hours a week for three months. Also you need to provide two references, one professional as well as a personal including a CV.

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Many animal species disappear from the earth’s biosphere every year due to a natural rate of extinction. However, humans are slowly becoming a real threat to lots of endangered species by increasing the rate of extinction. For instance poaching has been a major problem in recent years, decimating entire populations.

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In the article “Montreal homeless shelters fill up as deep freeze settles in”, published in Montreal by CBC, the news station provides information on the situation of homeless people in Montreal with the very cold weather the city is having this winter. CBC reported that even though the shelters are full lately due to the cold winter, most of them still don’t refuse anyone and put mattresses on the floor if necessary. Plus, shuttles are available to bring homeless from wherever they are to a safe and warm shelter.

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