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On, I read an article by Ivan Watson and Gul Tuysuz titled “Turkish PM vows to 'eradicate' Twitter, users see service disruptions”.  The article stated that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech at a campaign rally about wiping out Twitter which is 10 days before election.  He stated at this speech that eradicating Twitter has nothing to do with freedom but the world will know their power once they get rid of twitter.

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What kind of movies are you watching? And how are they effecting you?

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  It is well known that there are homeless people in every major city. Often those itinerants are involved in violent situations that break down for various reasons. One of those reasons (also one of the most commons) is substance abuse. In fact, I found two stories that happened in Montreal and in New York that are about violent behaviour due to substance abuse of homeless people.        

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One of the top most controversial topics throughout America’s history is Abortion. There are six states in America that have chosen the path to prohibit pro-choice. Like I said throughout history having woman choose whether they want to keep their child or, in some words “kill” there child and it has been a very difficult decision for some people to make. This article states that woman’s right are being violated and that’s why most women fight it, in order to gain control of their rights.

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