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Achieving independence is the goal of many nations across the world. Being a Quebecker myself, I was very interested to learn more about the issue and to see whether or not independence is an effective way of protecting the culture of a nation. For that purpose, I studied three scholarly articles focusing on cultural, nationalism and Canadian studies. Ultimately, I learned that independence is indeed effective in protecting the culture of a nation, but only if the nation clearly defines itself and if it understands the importance of its works of art.

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While following what’s been going on in the news for the past semester, I realized that as a society, we still face multiple contemporary issues regarding different “categories”, such as human rights, youth, the environment, education, and health. While all the news summaries and research I did greatly developed my knowledge and broadened my perceptions with respect to regional, national, and international news, the issue regarding elderly abuse caught my interest.

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  For about two months now, I have been writing a lot about homelessness in Canada. In fact, this particular social issue caught my attention at first as it affects hundred of thousands of Canadians every year, and a lot more around the world. Moreover, I felt homelessness was an important issue as it can affect anybody. In fact, anybody can become homeless at one point in his or her life, which I believe makes it a social issue that needs addressing.  

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Discrimination is not only targeted against race, but also sexuality. Discrimination against transgenders is a big social issue that we face today. Emily Cao brought up the issue that transgenders face in the medical field. By doing research on health clinics and support groups, she believes that it will have an overall view on how the medical system deals with transgender people and how discrimination of transgender people goes against human rights.

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When we talk about sexual assault and violence, we immediately associate the victims of this crime as women and the perpetrators as men. While this is true in the majority of the cases, statistics show that 10% of rape victims in the U.S. are male (RAINN, 2009). The NewsActivist post Men Can't Be Raped described a case where a female security guard sexually molested a 15-year old boy.

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  Published on April 2, 2014, the article “Toronto police arrest 2 for elder abuse, fraud” by CBC News, clearly addresses the issue of elders being used and abused for financial reasons. More precisely, it tackles the issue of elder financial abuse where a couple from Toronto apparently defrauded Norma Marshall, an elderly woman of 94 years old, of all her life savings.

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What happens when mom and dad don’t work out, another man moves in the picture, and suddenly you have more siblings that aren’t quite fully your sibling? This article focuses on how the new offspring affect the relationship of already existing children.

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Would a law allowing us students to drink legally, stop us from drinking as much? Let me know what you would do! The current twenty-one law has been in affect since 1980 and has led to a decline in many public problems such as dwi related deaths in adults. This age law, however, is also thought to create problems such as over-alcohol consumption by underage Americans. Furthermore, it is thought that since the law is illegal for people, and more specifically college students to drink, that this leads them to do it more often; this leads to problems such as alcohol poisoning from binge drinking and violation of the law.

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            Bullying is a growing problem throughout the entire nation. It takes on many forms and occurs in several different contexts. The effects that bullying has on its victims can be tremendous and not only include physical harm, but can damage the emotional well-being of the individual. The research that is described by Ockerman et al. (2013) in their article, “From the School Yard to Cyber Space,” shows that bullying is very prevalent within adolescence and is a situation that needs to be controlled.

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Published on March 19, 2014, the article “B.C. names Canada’s first seniors advocate” by Andrea Woo, addresses the rising issue of elderly abuse in Canada and what the country has done in an attempt to manage such a concern.

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I will volunteer with the Mont Bruno United Church. The Mont Bruno United Church’s mission statement is “to be the hands and feet of Christ”, which means to act, perceive, and speak on God’s behalf. This is done by “promoting truth and unity”, by helping others in need, and by spreading Jesus’ story.

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The article “Advancing the Field of Elder Abuse: Future Directions and Policy Implications” by XinQi Dong (2012) tackles the social issue of elder abuse while underlying the importance of certain associations and legislations in the United States. The author also presents recommendations in order to better the understanding of elder abuse, which includes “psychological, physical, and sexual abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation” (2151).

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Many individuals marked the 20th century, some for social reasons, others for economic reasons, as well as a whole slue of other reasons. However, one remarkable Canadian individual from the 20th century is none other than Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Born October 18, 1919 in Montreal (died September 28, 2000), Trudeau was raised in an affluent family. He attended “Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Université de Montréal, Harvard, as well as the London School of Economics” (Whitaker). He married Margaret Sinclair (1971) and they went on to have three sons (Justin, Sasha, and Michel).

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A project in Germany called “Youths with Extreme Obesity Study (YES),” is trying to address the issue of obesity in adolescents. This project aims to inform teenagers of the health risks involved in obesity as well as try and solve the issue of obesity in adolescents. Although there are some limitations in this study, some good may result by examining the limited results of the study.

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The issue of gay rights in our society has become a pressing matter in the past several years as the LGBT community fights to gain ground in the world. However, opponents of gay marriage continue to strike back, finding new ways to oppose the rights of this minority group of people. This article addresses arguments against gay marriage and provides discussion on why these hold little power in the fight for equality.

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The Canadian Secular Alliance is a “non-profit, public policy research organization” that promotes State secularism (separation of religion and the State) as well as State neutrality. It values religious equality, fairness, and social justice. For example, they believe that God and politics are two different entities and should be separated one from the other. They also don’t support “legal prohibition of the veil” and are against religious accomodations. I am awaiting an email for 2014 major projects.

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Also known as the YMCA of McGill, the Yellow Door promotes “social justice, freedom of expression, and personal growth” by encouraging dialogue, social connectedness, and intergenerationality.  Its mission is to involve the Montreal and McGill communities to participate in programs, which encourage communication, artistic expression and support services. The Yellow Door values relationships, responsiveness, expressiveness, collaboration, and accessibility, as well as advocates the involvement of the youth in the broader community.

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MADD is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization that has as its main goal to stop impaired driving and to provide support for those that are victims of this crime. They believe that impaired driving isn’t an accident, but rather a conscious decision to drive under the influence. Through public awareness, laws, legislation, serious enforcements and repercussions, they are convinced that impaired driving can be stopped.

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The Social Justice Committee of Montreal is an independent Canadian organization that promotes social justice, based on the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. It values equality, cooperation, inclusion, diversity, fairness, education, and advocacy.

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Based on several sources, more particularly articles from the NY Times, the Globe and Mail, Huffington Post Canada, the Guardian, and the Government of Quebec, (all sources which are very in tuned with politics and society), this short essay will explore Quebec’s Bill 60 paralleling it to the very similar bans made in France. Both cases directly embody the issues pertaining to crime and law, as the implementation of such laws obviously fuel controversial reactions, which affect not only the individuals concerned, but also society as a whole.

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Making all public college tuition free would cost significantly less than what our federal government currently spends on tax breaks and financial aid alone.

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Teenage pregnancy in America is still a problem, but the birthrates for teens are decreasing. Research shows that teens are becoming smarter when it comes to sex.

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The article “Child obesity a growing problem in Montreal: study”, published January 22, 2009 by CBC News addresses the issue of the rise in childhood obesity in Montreal. In fact, according to a study by Quebec’s statistics institute, children living in the Montreal area are fatter than those residing in the suburbs.

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                       In this article by Alex K. Rich,  Abortion: An Overview, Rich describes the everlasting  ethical issue of abortion. In the 13th century, it was very looked down upon, and if you were to abort a baby more than five to six weeks after being pregnant, it was concidered a homocide. In the 1900s, abortion laws started to become more lenient due to the health perspective of women, but in 2004, a survey was done on pregnant women to know why they desire an abortion. 92 percent of women said it was due to inconvenience, not ready to be a mother, social issues, etc.

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Published on January 26, 2014, the article “ ‘Working for nothing’: Canada joins global minimum wage debate” by Tavia Grant addresses the issue of the high number of workers that earn minimum wage in Canada, as well as covers some possible solutions.

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Although the Canadian smoking rate significantly decreased in the past 50 years, it is still a grave health concern as it kills 40,000 people annually and an additional 800 people annually through second-hand smoke. In fact, composed of thousands of chemicals and dozens of cancer-causing agents, "tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable illness, disability, and death", costing $29-billion annually.

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I have a tendency to read news articles related to politics but this one caught my eye just as much. The company Mikuni Wild Harvest is known to sell exotic quality food to high quality restaurants around the world. It has made a profit of more than 10 million dollars last year in truffles, sustainable fish and so on but is now reaching out to the common man to sell some of its products.

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In the article “A one-man mission to change our bad eating habits; Walter Willett isn’t big on U.S. food pyramid” published on January 27, 2014 on The Gazette’s website, author Jill Barker talks about worldwide renowned epidemiologist, Walter Willett. Willett graduated from the University of Michigan’s school of medicine as well as from Harvard’s Public School of Health. He is currently the chair of Harvard’s Department of Nutrition.

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Young Canadian are now accessing the Internet on their own and with their own devices. Nowadays, fewer parents feel the need to enforce rules for their children regarding Internet use. After all, a lot of teenagers own a Smartphone or a personal laptop, parents have less control over what young adults do on the Internet.

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            Published on January 21, 2014, the article “ ‘Time for action’ on living conditions in CHSLDs” by Charlie Fidelman addresses the issue of no changes being made in CHSLDs following many complaints, charges, and public hearings.

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            Published on October 28, 2013, the article “Pediatricians want bedroom ban on smartphones and limits on kids’ Internet, social media use” by Lindsey Tanner highlights the problem that has arisen with unregulated media use and proposes a few solutions based on the new American Academy of Pediatrics policy.

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On January 25th, three people were found dead by police officers at the Mall in Columbia following a shooting. According to the article “Three Killed in Shooting in Maryland Mall; Police Call the Deaths Isolated” by Jada F. Smith and Emma G. Fitzsimmons, published on January 25th, 2014 on the site of the New York Times, the Maryland shopping mall opened its doors at around 10 a.m.

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