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When a child is born, depending on their sex, their father treats them differently. If it`s a girl, he will swear to protect her even when she`s all grown up and experience life on her own. Whereas boys don’t get the same special treatment, they are thrown into the world with barely any guidelines or help and have to fit their father`s ideals. They only get intervened when they bring shame to a man`s image, so for example if they show weakness such as emotions or pain, or if they play with dolls.

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           The article “A National Inquiry For Aboriginal Women Should Not Be a Partisan Issue” written by Carolyn Bennett at the Huffington Post on July 22 this year, denounces the present Canadian Conservative government’s lack of concern towards the social problems affecting it’s Indigenous population. Over the last decade, hundreds of aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been killed, nonetheless the Harper government has refrained from initiating a national public inquiry.

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If we want to fight against sexism and make this world an equal place, we have to take a few preliminary measures. To make this objective a reality, we have to start at the core. It`s by eliminating stereotypical concepts from the media that we change the unconscious mentally of our generations, if it`s not too late, and other generations to come. We can`t let people think that only one gender is attributed to a job. This can work equally for men than for woman. That means that a woman can be president and a man can stay at home to take care of the children.

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