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(For this article, I will use 'they' and 'them' pronouns to refer to Bruce Jenner because they have not confirmed which pronouns they prefer)  

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           Spring break 2010, an open bar, and wild beach nights. Some seemingly harmless pictures are uploaded onto Facebook. Fast forward to the present, after graduation and on the job hunt. The interview was successful, but you don’t get the job due to those party-hard pictures that make them question your professionalism. This situation is a reality for many recent graduates, whose digital footprints from the past are resurfacing with real-world repercussions.

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Two animal right activist from the United-States face 10 years of prison and a title of terrorist after being caught releasing mink and foxes from a fur farms. They face charges under the 2006 law where damaging property or profit line of animal businesses can carry terrorism conviction, all without any violence. Kevin Johnson and Tyler Lang will plead for the federal charges to be dismissed. The lawyer of the two defendants claims that the use of the concept of terrorism is not appropriate and is use to stop free speech.

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In the article " Ebola drugs raise ethical dilemmas " CBS news, Denis Thompson addresses the issue of the deadly disease, Ebola, and it's treatment. This viral disease is said to have 90% fatality rate. However, a drug called ZMapp has been tested on monkey's who carried the disease and was been proven affective. Although, there is a dilemma in letting this untested drug availible for sick humans. There is a multiple of questions to be asked.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! The news industry is struggling to make profits. This is not breaking news, as statistics have shown the print industry’s rapid decline and the expanding number of online news sources over-saturating the market. It is no surprise that making money in this industry is difficult. That is why in recent years, publishers have succumbed to their advertising partners’ new strategy, called native advertising.

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