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     In 2009, American companies spent over $17 billion on advertising to children (“How Marketers Target Kids” 1).  In Bruce Watson’s “The Tricky Business of Advertising to Children,” the writer explores whether or not kidvertising is an appropriate form of advertising.

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Sensationalism in the news media is a serious problem because it undermines readers’ ability to think critically about the information they are absorbing. It is particularly dangerous when the articles discuss research in health-science related fields as these articles can have a direct link to the readers’ decisions regarding their health.

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    Women’s opportunities in the workplace (i.e. access to fair pay, to pay supplements, and to advancement) are limited in comparison to those of men.  This is a gender discrimination issue, as a result of the beliefs, values, and attitudes that are being promoted by workplace culture. Certainly, workplace culture promotes the status of women as subordinate to men, as evidenced by the gender pay gap between men and women.  The gender pay gap refers to the difference in pay earned by men and women.

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Assisted suicide has been a controversial topic in Canada for decades. Up until now, although removing a patient from life support (with their consent) has been considered legal, it has been determined illegal in Canada to help a person end their life, although some provincial legislations have bypassed this law. Last Friday, however, the Supreme Court of Canada decided to lift the ban on doctor-assisted suicide, which means that now, terminally ill patients in critical pain who possess their mental faculties will be allowed to seek medical help to end their lives (Assisted Suicide…).

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