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National Parks: The Pressures of Development

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       Pipeline development has become a contentious issue in Canada.  Pipeline enthusiasts point to the role of fossil fuels in the Canadian economy as justification for the expense and risk involved in construction and operation.  On the other hand, environmental activists are adamant that further fossil fuels exploration and pipeline development is detrimental to the environment and negates Canada’s climate change mitigation commitments.  People belonging to the First Nations of Canada are particularly concerned about pipelines because land development and environmental degradation threa

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“Here are the major Canadian pipelines the oil patch wants built” – this article instantly caught my eye as its difficult these days to keep up with the continuous output of environmentally degrading project proposals. This article, written by Christopher Adams in the National Observer, was written in the September of this year and summarises and analyzes all the pipeline projects currently happening in Canada. As you read the article, you cannot help but to notice several reoccurring themes. The first: lawsuits.

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I have been researching into the lives of serial killers, more specifically their childhoods, to see if there are any similarities in their lives. My objective is to see if any events in adolescence or possibly their childhood environment has affect on their adulthood lives and impulse to kill. Within my research, I have found that there are definite similarities. It is essential in my research to look at not only their childhoods but the period of time, in adulthood, that they killed.

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With Halloween season coming up, many are anxious to decide what they will dress up as this year. Among mythical creatures like fairies and werewolves, we can find some more realistic costumes that represent real groups of people, such as Native Americans. While some may think that it is acceptable to dress as a tribal chief to go trick-or-treating, others believe that it is unacceptable and appalling. Accordingly, the following will discuss a recent issue where a Saskatchewanian woman spoke up after finding Indigenous costumes in her local Spirit Halloween store.

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"Ontario environment officials concerned that clear-cut logging releases mercury” as seen in the Toronto Star

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               The article I chose focuses on a hotly debated issue in many parts of Canada, namely natural resource extraction and the impact on Aboriginal land rights. More specifically, this article chronicled the Waswanipi Cree’s fight to protect one of Québec’s last remaining untouched boreal forests, the Broadback Valley Forest, from forestry. The Waswanipi Cree’s territory is located 730 kilometres north of Montreal, and has already felt a heavy presence from the forestry industry, with 90% of their territory already logged or fragmented.

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