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This image from 2007 is advertising a fragrance for women by Sean John called 'Unforgivable Woman'. In the photo, a man is forcing himself onto a woman. He is pushing her against a wall and kissing her neck. The woman seems to be attempting to resist him, since her arm is raised, but clearly he is too overpowering for her. There isn't joy in her expression; instead, there is pain. The picture shows a railing for a staircase leading down, meaning that she is perhaps being brought into a seclude and dark basement where she won’t be able to get help.

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How would you feel if you knew one of your younger siblings was being forced into hard labour instead of having a normal childhood? How about not being able to see your parents often enough because they are subjected to intense workload in their factory in order to be able to feed you? It may not be a first world problem but it is obvious that these scenarios are terrible because we all know we would not want to experience such things. So why should workers suffer in factories to produce the goods we buy?

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              Many forms of marketing in the business world have a tendency to cause controversy with their public. More specifically, companies such as Dolce&Gabanna, Guess, and Reebok have attempted to attract attention to their brand  using unethical advertisements. This Reebok advertisement is unethical because it promotes the vices of dishonesty and hatred. It follows virtue ethics considering that it shows creativity while at the same time promoting dishonesty and hatred.  

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