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The article from Huffington Post emphasizes on racist actions done by the Toronto Blue Jays’ fans during the game opposing the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. The Toronto Blue Jays’ fans were screaming racist comments on players of the Cleveland Indians, Hyun Soo Kim and Adam Jones. Hyun Soo Kim, native from South Korea, and Adam Jones, from California, both received racial slurs hurled from Toronto’s fans in the crowd. Fans tend to drink during these games because of the competition related to it.

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     In 2011, Edmonton hair salon “Fluid”, released an advertisement that they believed would attract costumers to their business parlour. The advertisement that intended to give a positive effect on their clientele was named one of the most controversial ad’s ever designed. While reading their slogan, “Look good in all you do”, we would not establish the use of any inappropriate content, however, opinions further shifted when the new image behind the words was released. 

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Inequality will always be present no matter where you are. Since the beginning of mankind, women were tagged as being the inferior species towards men. Through time and hard work, women battled for human rights and obtaining equality. They had no rights for education and so they were doomed to cleaning the house and raise kids. Women took a stand and fought for their rights, as if they were no different then men. They now have the legal rights to vote and educate themselves. So the idea that men and women can never really be equal is false.

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