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       With the development and the increasing popularity of video games in todays society, the popularization of video games that mainly contain violence has opened up the debate for the affects of the violence in video games. Similar studies about this have been conducted in the past about the affect of violent media, such as television and movies, but with the rise of popularity of video games, this gives the researches a little twist since this time, the player is in control of the aggressive acts of the main character.

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Since my previous post, I realized I was concerned about the food packaging in our world. I have learned a lot about the chemicals inside the food wrappers and how they were associated with cancer and other important health issues. It leads me to wonder how food packaging was dealt with around the world and what do we think about it in Québec as well. Does food packaging really prevent waste? It might contain chemicals, but I want to research more about the real purpose of food packaging.   

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