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So I've been thinking... this whole semester we've been looking and talking about people who are deemed to be humanists and at what they've done for the humanist movement. However, although it has been mentioned, I find that we haven't focused much on the qualities-- for the lack of a better word-- of a humanist; what makes someone a REAL humanist? 

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On the AHA (American Humanist Association) website, I found an article about controversial events that happened in the United States related to racism. They were talking about the recent shooting events that happened to unarmed black people in Ferguson with Michael Brown and Travon Martin in Florida, and how it is unacceptable to judge or to kill someone just because of the color of his skin. Calling a time to reflect of what’s going on is what they suggest and I totally agree with the opinion of the association.

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So I was scrolling through a few blogs on this site and skimming through some of them until I hit a blog by someone with the username of 046 GRoOoZA. I saw the word "Holocaust" in his blog and as someone who is very intersted in the Holocaust, I decided to give this blog a read.

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