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This article speaks about the issues in the United Kingdom with children being referred to mental health services. Although these children are being referred by their general practitioners, one fifth are denied their services. According to research by the NSPCC, out of 186, 453 cases, close to 40,000 young people were turned away including some whose problems stemmed from abuse.

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The article I read is called “Stigma of mental illness a 'disturbing' trend in workplace.” It is about how people with mental illness are treated at work by their coworkers and employers. In this article, they talk about how stigma over mental health issues has cost people their jobs. It talks about two specific people, David Newman and Kim Heidinger, in Manitoba. Both these people had awful experiences at work after being diagnosed with mental illness.

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In the last few years, mental health has been issue that is becoming more and more as a forefront issue in today’s society. The Canadian Mental Health institution reported that 12 percent of Canadians suffer of mental health issues. They also reported that these health issues cost the economy over fifty billion dollars each year. App developers have now created an application that gives you tools and a plan in order to fight your mental health issue.

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Since the 1990’s we have been using too much of our planets natural resources. We consume at 1.3 planets, we have past the point of sustainability for Earth. In order to save biodiversity, we all need to strategically work together as a team. We need to significantly change our practices. We have identified the 35 most significant places in the world that are essential for the ecosystem and the richest in biodiversity. The 15 commodities are the species the most at risk in those areas.

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This article is about women wanting more rights in Saudi Arabia. It is about women activists who want to change the male absolute authority over women. There is a strict interpretation of the Islamic law in Saudi. It forbids women to work or travel without consent from their male guardians. It is the only country where women are not able to drive. Women have very few rights and cannot get an identification card without her guardian’s permission. They also need permission to get certain surgeries and to leave campus.

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Most have heard of the great garbage patch found in the Pacific Ocean, however, many have not realized of the immensely large garbage build up found in the Atlantic. Richard A. Lovett illustrates the issues of the garbage found in the Atlantic in the article, “Huge Garbage Patch Found in Atlantic Too,” National Geographic News, published in March 2010, one can see the affect of having one major news story contribute to the disregard of an other.

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Rare can a habitation be as environmentally friendly as the four Harrington sisters' barn. Located in Bradshaw, Nebraska, the farm building has a windmill and many solar panels that plaster the roof to provide clean energy. Unlike the exterior of the property that seems harmless and peaceful, the interior shows a much more aggressive side. Indeed, covering the walls of the residence there are multiple signs with slogans such as "Build your Energy" and "#NOKXL", in protest of the construction of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline.

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