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People have many different reasons as to why they obey the law. We obey laws because it is the moral thing to do, because there will be repercussions if the law is broken, and because we owe it to our communities to obey their laws. People who live in a country with a strong legal system basically have no other option than to obey the laws. The idea of going to jail, paying a fine or even just receiving a ticket for any law violation is enough to keep most people from breaking the law. However, people often break the law.

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The law plays a significant role in every person's daily life. Without laws in society, there would be chaos. People may not realize, but the law has a great influence on many things we do. For example, there are many laws that must be obeyed while driving. This is probably the largest influence the law currently has on my life, since I own a car. To begin with, it is illegal to drive a car that does not have an insurance policy. There are also various traffic laws that for the most part, dictate how a person drives.

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