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The media has a powerful and unmatchable influence on our society, and it influences both the impressionable and seemingly non-impressionable ages. The media frames its information in a way to be most convincing and seemingly true in order to make its intended message effective. However, many times the information is not consistent with the truth or seems to be more harmful that it actually is.

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Geoffrey Vandeville wrote in his article about the Quebec Federation of Women wanting the government to implement sex-education courses in every grade of every school across the province.  As Vandeville writes in the article, the current government stated that it had the intention of modifying the current program when it comes to sexual education.  

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             Our country has long had a reputation for being culturally tolerant and fair, for decades people from all over the world have flocked to our nation because of this simple fact. Canada as a result has become a hub of multiculturalism, however how far are we willing to let certain individuals go with freedom of expression? Imam Hamza Chaoui a spoke person for the Ashebeb community centre in Hoshalega and Maissoneuve , and supporter for certain elements of Sharia law has spurred this debate.

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Onchoceriasis, also known as River Blindness, is an infection caused by a parasitic worm, which can be transmitted through black fly bites (“Onchoceriasis”).  This bite can lead to blindness, and affects 18 million people in Central and Western Africa and some places in Central America (“Merck Offers Free Distribution of New River Blindness Drug”). Merck is a pharmaceutical company that has developed a drug to treat River Blindness, however the market for the drug cannot afford it.

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