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The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle species that destroys ash trees, and there is a wave of these pests currently making its way across Canada. The Global News articles I read talks about how the beetle is spreading rapidly across the country, and how municipalities are preparing for the impacts. There is a larger focus on education about the Ash Borer instead of making attempts to replenish tree numbers.

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In this article by Gail Harding on the CBC News website, researchers at the University of New Brunswick are using a certain species of fish- the slimy sculpin- in order to monitor the health of ecosystems in New Brunswick’s waterways. Michelle Gray- the professor in charge of the project- says that the slimy sculpin is an excellent organism to use for monitoring the environment, as it is fairly stationary and therefore will provide an appropriate temporal scale to the data collected in the study.

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