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London Ontario is home to many people, it is known to be the city of students, but also as the “white city”. Being a black kid in a white city will be hard, especially if they constantly hear racist and inappropriate comments based on their ethnicity or even skin color. Also being the only kid of color with two other friends in the whole dormitory can be hard too. One night out in a club called Jacks, after their first shot they see white kids dressed as blackface.

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October 1, 2014 Stefanie Maher   Living in “1984”   When teaching the matter of racism, controversy will always be present. Many people do not acknowledge that it still exists and prefer to ignore this harsh reality. That being said, a small but passionate group of people want to expose its prevalence in an effort to eradicate it. Advocates and simply informed citizens fight for the liberation from “RACISM”!  

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