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The article “Fisheries emissions rising despite recent efforts, UBC study shows” by Bethany Lindsay discusses and brings forward how different types of fisheries bring different amounts of Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. A new research from the University of British Columbia discovered that crustacean fisheries, like shrimp and lobster, actually create the most emissions than other fisheries. The study found a 21% increase in Greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of fish, from 1990-2011.

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The purpose of the article “Climate Change Could Raise Food Shortage Globally: Study” is to discuss the extreme consequences that Climate Change can have on our food supply. In the article, the author explains that in the near future, a global shortage in food could occur due to Climate Change. Climate Change is an environmental issue that has only been worsening as it continues to result in extreme weather changes. Richard Betts, a University of Exeter professor, predicts that Climate Change is expected to cause many more extreme rainfalls as well as droughts.

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The article titled “Environmental Consequences of Oil Spills”, written by Larry West for ThoughtCo, outlines, as its title states, the consequences of oil spills originating from sources such as pipelines, on the environment. West explains that an oil spill on land infiltrates the soil and may render it unable to sustain the lives of local plants as well as it used to. This can affect the entire ecosystem if other creatures are dependent on the existence or abundance of these plants.

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far more resistant to changes than we think. There have been many studies concerning the state of wildlife underwater after being subjects to change. Some of them reveal the destructions that happened under surface while a fair load also reports about how resistant the aquatic ecosystem can be. On top of this, a marine biologist, Jennifer O’Leary, reveals that many of the so called “bright spots” of the sea, the most sensitive beings, can persist through disturbances.

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The article, “Why Renewable Energy Will Replace Fossil Fuels” written by Steve Cohen provides information on how consumption of fossil fuels is causing several damages to the planet and how the adoption of renewable energies would be a potable solution. Cohen’s article is based on two polls that demonstrate how this alternative could be beneficial not only for the planet but also for us, the millennials as we are the future for our planet. The goal of these polls is to convince people that there is a substitute for earth-damaging sources of energies such as natural gas, oil, coal, etc.

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