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The Responsibility to Protect   There is a moral dilemma in the field of international politics that questions whether or not a state that has the ability to intervene in conflicts within other states has the responsibility to intervene and does that change when these conflicts involve the abuse of human rights. Here, we will specifically be looking at military intervention. Going against relativism, I will be arguing that nations do indeed have a responsibility to intervene however, only when human rights are in jeopardy.

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Marketing is a great way of promoting and influencing trends, products and convincing buyers to buy. A specific issue can raise concern on how more and more campaigns are miss leading because of the use of  “white lies” to increase consumer spending. Some famous companies such as Fit Tea, Protein world and many more,  encourage weight loss and promote their products as perfects tools to achieve this goal. Many marketing methods of persuasion used can be easily manipulated to trick the consumer.

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