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In this article written by CNN staff on October 15th 2013, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the country of Japan.  It was approximately 200 miles away from Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean. About three billion dollars of damages have been evaluated.  This is not the first time that Japan has had huge natural disasters hit them, making many casualties as well. In 2011, an earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 hit the Fukushima prefectures, with about 15,000 deaths. This has had a huge impact on the country’s economy since they always have to rebuild.

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Tracy Ibezim Black Girl Film Review

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In today’s society it is becoming more and more normal for families to adopt children, not only from the United States, but countries all over the world as well.  In Somewhere Between (Knowlton, 2011), a mother—also the director of the film—aims to uncover some of the identity confusion faced by children who were adopted internationally.  Knowlton interviews a selection of biologically Asian girls who were adopted into American and English families.  Knowlton’s goal is to understand these girls’ self identities and the way their lacking knowledge of their birth parents and birth co

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Are your parents to blame for your drug addiction? Various psycho-social components could be the cause of a poor upbringing and an increased susceptibility of substance abuse. Researchers Zeinalo et al. (2011) look into this potential cause and conclude their research with an interesting “solution” to the relatively current adolescent drug issue.

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In recent years, obesity has been a mounting problem in numerous countries throughout the world.  Obesity has reached epidemic levels in developed countries and is becoming a mounting problem in developing countries.

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An important social issue is approached in the Article of BBC News about women security. In India, rapes were current and brought huge protest during recent months. Surya Velamuri, Else Disilva, Saloni Malhotra and Aditya are four professionals who created the website providing a "crowd-sourced" map of sexual harassment, demonstrating safe and unsafe across Indian cities. This website is an interactive map allowing participation of women in the entire world of the most unsafe places across Indian cities.

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In a recent article, three doctors of nursing at the University Of Illinois College Of Nursing at Chicago shared their findings from a rigorous research project.

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       In the article Conflict Over Water Rise in Tanzania published on on October 18,2013 , it is said that global warming has made water resources in the Tanzania scarcer. According to the article this worsens the current availability of water in the region. Within 3 years there are around 2000 herders with around 200000 animals who have moved to the area straining the resources and degrading the land.

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Organ Donation is a way to help people in need, and can be life changing. Although it comes with many benefits there are also areas that still have controversies.

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In a recent Newsweek article, “The New Obesity Campaigns have it All Wrong,” Gary Taubes establishes that the reason the obesity epidemic is so profound is because we do not understand the real causes of the issue and are therefore addressing them the wrong way. He argues that monitoring what we eat has a far greater impact on our weight than simply “working off” the calories we consume. The obesity problem remains an issue in large part because the actions being taken to address the issue are so off course.

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In this article written by BBC news in August 2013, the harsh realities of Russia's new anti-gay laws are brought forward in a Q&A format. The article first describes how hard life as a gay Russian is, considering Russia is ranked as the worst country in Europe for gay people to live in, and that conservative communities of the two biggest faith groups, Orthodox Christians and Muslims, are openly hostile against gays.

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