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Many insects such as aquatic insects take an enormous part in nutrition of some cultures such as many indigenous tribes. The people of many ethnic origins living in Manipur, India consume many insects located in different bodies of water such as lakes, ponds and rivers. The most popular ones being: The Giant Water Bug, Lethocerus Indicus; the Water Scorpion, Laccotrephes Maculatus; the Water Scavenger Beetle, Hydrophilus Olivaceous; the Diving Beetle, Cybister Tripunctatus; and the Scarlet Skimmer Dragonfly, crocothemis servilia.

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Entomophagy is the practice of eating comestible insects such as arachnids and centipedes. This process is shunned upon by the societies of rich countries as the Europeans looked down upon it when colonizing the world because they observed many tribes they considered as ‘savages’ practicing this. It can also be because due to western culinary habits rooting from colder climates with fewer insects and increased farming of larger animals.

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Jean-Francois Larose is a leader in the Strength in Democracy party along with ex Bloc Quebecois member Jean-Francois Fortin. They both desire environmentally friendly and citizen favoring laws. Jean-Francois Larose announced in an interview that he was strongly against the proposed Keystone XL, the Kinder Morgan as well as the Energy East pipelines because “citizens don’t want it, it’s not clean, it’s dangerous and it’s high risk”. He also agrees with the affirmation NDP made that states Canada needs to meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction policies.

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Recent studies have shown that popcorn contains many healthy nutrients such as whole grains, fiber and polyphenols that all greatly help with keeping you healthy. Although popcorn is a healthy choice, the popcorn you buy that comes in microwavable bags often contains many unnatural oils, sugar and flavorings that turn your healthy snack into an unwanted junk food.

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The Kemp's Ridley sea turtle is the smallest sea turtle on earth growing on average 2 feet long. Through the 1940s, Kemp's Ridley turtle's eggs were a common meal in Mexico which caused the reptile's population to plummet. "Mexico outlawed the harvest in 1966, but poaching continued to take toll." says Amy Sutherland from the Smithsonian magazine, and many turtles got stuck in fish nets and debris which impaired the animal's return.

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Everyone should start embracing crocs as they are an incredibly versatile pair of footwear and are very easy to maintain.

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  An article recently talked about Caitlyn Jenner filing up her car at the gas station.  Caitlyn Jenner is the father of Kylie Jenner who changed sex and became a woman recently. With that article, we can ask ourselves a question, does the media really pay attention to the important stuff.

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In 2005 the International Olympic Committee decided to remove baseball from the summer olympic games as only 16 countries took part in this discipline. It was also removed to avoid extra cost for the countries that wouldn't accommodate many spectators during the baseball games. But with the 2020 summer olympic games being held in Japan, there is a high probability of baseball being reintroduced to the Summer Olympics.

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I think many students have the same experience like me, didn’t get enough of sleep in the night and wake up early in the other day for school. It's hard to wake up at 6 or 7 although you settled a series alarms. When the alarm rings out at 7 am in the morning, the feeling is equal to someone wake you up at 3am. Some students like a zombie at school when they don’t get enough sleep; some of them just sleep in the class. Teenagers’ biological time dictates a need for nine hours of sleep, and later sleep and wake times. Specially, their body is growing up in the adolescence.

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With the first pick of the 2015 NHL draft the Edmonton Oilers scooped up the next big star centerman, Connor McDavid. According to Bruce McCurdy from the Edmonton Journal, McDavid is a prodigious player who is very likely to stand amongst the best of his generation. Another player that has carried such a title is the prestigious Sidney Crosby who has proven himself as the best hockey player in the world.

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My name is Juan.

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