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      Race equality has improved in America. Most equality has been on an upward trend in America. However improvement is not a finished solution to a problem. We still have plenty of issues to work through as a country, even if they aren’t quite as blatant as they might have been 100 years ago. While we are on the road to more equality, we haven’t quite figured out what exactly equality means, and what is socially and politically most correct. There are obvious inequalities and profiling instances today, that were clearly not just fixed up perfectly by the Civil Rights Movement.

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While each country seems to come into trade with ambitions to boost their overall economy and wealth, it is important to remember the individual citizens. Low quality mass production creates cheap products that can be sold in huge amounts internationally. Small, local farmers cannot even begin to compete with these lower prices. Their livelihood depends on being able to make enough money on their crops to survive, and regular citizens are more likely to choose the cheaper product; putting small farmers in dangerous waters financially.

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Syria has a civil war. Syrian people go to the Europe countries to be saved. However, some of Europe countries are unwilling to accept them. Only Germany accept them. According to Asahi Digital, Germany has a history that the Germany’s president Adolf Hitler slaughtered Jews in world warⅡ. Therefore, Germany’s constitution says that an obligation of accepting Refugees. A number of the refugees are very huge, so Germany wants other countries to accept more. More than 17 countries said that accepting refuges. First, I will tell you about the current status of Syria and refugees.

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