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The article “Kill and Conquer: Traditionally “Male” Values and Video Game Violence” points out the omnipresence of values such as “power, strength and individualism” in popular video games and criticizes the direct association of these values with masculinity. It is told that most of these video games feature a strong, white, stoic male protagonist who utilizes violence to achieve a noble goal.

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This advertisement is part of a campaign called “Reborn to be Alive” that urges people to become organ donors. The ad showcases a slim, attractive female in lingerie and uses clever wordplay to convince the men that the only way they can get “inside her” (which alludes to sexual intercourse) is through their organs. The ad is problematic in the fact that not only it objectifies women, but also in the fact that it associates this objectification with the act of organ donation. Overall, the nature of the ad has a negative effect on both men and women.

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          Gender transition, nowadays a frequent topic due to the multiple confessions of ‘not feeling good in one's own skin', has become an issue in many countries with regard to its legalization while conforming to one's culture and beliefs. More accepted in open countries, such as America, Canada, and Australia, transsexuality is, however, a crucial matter in regions with a stricter background with tradition and religion.

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Today’s society has a problem on it’s hands. Indeed, the lack of women in high positions in scientific disciplines like engineering or mathematics isn’t something that can be ignored. Even  though women perform equally well or even better than men in lower levels of education, when entering the world of work, the gap is widely noticeable.

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