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New lifeforms discovered that may revolutionize science!

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Felix Morin Stephania Dascalescu Laura Henry Migration and Habitat of Birds     What we already know (from the book Just Cool It!) ·         Poorly situated wind farms, especially ones using older turbine technology, do kill birds, but it<s an issue that can be addressed, it’s not the biggest big killer ·         Fossil fuels, especially coal, are by far the largest energy-related bird killers.

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Should basic coding be a mandatory class in Junior High? Analyst Tim Bajarin discusses the subject.

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Many people think that having more money leads to happiness? Is that really true?  

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***Disclaimer: I am, in no shape or form, promoting the bashing of people who suffer from obesity, or those who have insecurities about their bodies. My aim is to provide a factual and ethical view of what needs to be done in order to reduce and prevent obesity. ***

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