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In modern Western society, although sexual assault is one of the most common forms of violence used against women, it remains as one of the most under-reported crimes due to the various actors in our society that perpetuate rape mythology - most notably, the news media. News coverage of sexual assault is presented through a lens that is all too often apologetic on the part of the accused, who tend to be humanized.  In stark contrast, the victims of the crime are commonly characterized as drunken, irresponsible young women who got into trouble or got what they deserved.

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The Dictionary of Sociolinguistics (Swann, Deumert, Lillis, 2004) defines feminism as a movement that advocates the equality of genders from a social, cultural, political and economic perspective. This movement has increased in popularity in the last decades, and events like the Women’s March* tend to indicate that the status of women in society is improving. However, in a developed country filled with opportunities like Canada and the United States of America, the need for feminism has been challenged by some groups of people.

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With the rapid advancement and proliferation of weapon technology, machines are increasingly beginning to replace humans on the battlefield. Many now consider robotics technology – Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems that have the ability to choose how and when to attack – as the future of warfare. Most of us are uncomfortable with the idea of sentient machines, especially ones that are engineered to kill. After all, humans should be making the decision to take human lives, right?

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