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The objective of the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Areas (PNCIMA)’s article is to raise awareness to the public about the effects of pollution. In the article, the researchers talks about the way the contaminants enters the animals and plants. It also describes the type of contaminants. It reveals the correlation between the contaminants and the death of many animals who was in contact with those contaminants, it finishes with a positive note by enumerating the laws and projects that where made in order to restrain the level of contamination in water.

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Causes of climate change   

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In the article published in Science Daily entitled “Extreme melt season lead to decade-long ecosystem change in Antarctic polar desert”, a group of researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulders found that during the very hot summer of 2002, the McMurdo Dry Valley in Antarctica endured rough changes in its ecosystem that would have an impact for the years to follow. The team believes that this event proved that even small appearing weather events can have impacts on a region for a very long time.

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The purpose of  the article from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to discuss about the consequences that influence ecosystems in America. The researchers points out 6 of them: Life cycle event, range shifts, food web disruption, threshold effects, parasites and diseases and extinction. Their data comes mainly from other U.S. governmental organization reports, before President Trump’s election.     

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