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Film as a younger medium is an odd choice for historical use. With the first films being shown publicly only happening in 1893 there’s only just over a century’s worth of historical film to use which limits its usefulness in teaching history. As well as this film is flawed as a teaching tool in that sometimes historical accuracy takes a backseat to drama in an effort to make a profit.

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One week ago, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla announced that the company was approximately halfway done building and installing a 100 MW/ 129 MWh utility-grade lithium ion battery bank near the 100 MW Hornsdale Wind Farm in Southern Australia. When complete, Tesla’s battery bank will be three times larger than the largest grid-tied system in the world. Musk promised to deliver this massive project to South Australia after years of sporadic power outages. He also promised that he would finish installing the battery bank in 100 days of the project’s approval or it would be free.

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Health care has skyrocketed in the U.S. in the past decades due to increasing rates of obesity. The cause of this is that Americans are buying unhealthy products. This phenomenon can be decreased by changing the store’s structure. When going to the supermarket, the essential products, like milk or eggs, are placed in the back. This way, costumers must walk through the store, and they see many other products, which leads to unplanned purchases. The most common unplanned purchases are sugar-sweetened beverages and other junk food.

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