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Gianni Delli Colli  Marco Polce  Samuel Leger Danyyil Bun   Green Cars With the new innovations being brought upon eco-friendly cars, we question which is better, electric or gasoline? The quick answer everyone falls back to is that electric cars are more expensive, or that they do not cover long distances as well as gas operated engines. The real answer however, is no and no.

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Since the past centuries, many animals have gone extinct. Today, we are facing an alarming extinction of pollinators, especially of the honeybee population. The consequences of this extinction are very significant to human survival since they play an essential role in our food chain. Honeybees are the main actors responsible for the pollination of our flowers, fruits and vegetables. The majority of human food crops that supply the world's nutrition are pollinated by bees.

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In our class of sustainable happiness, Anne-Marie and I proposed a project to our school. This project consists of finding a problematic in our school that involves people who are surrounded by stress situations. After many consultations, teachers and students agreed that we do our project before the evaluation week, known as the end of the semester. This period is mainly characterized by anxiety. Studies reveal that while the end of the semester is approaching, students declared that they have a rise of stress.

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