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Davis and Stevenson (2006) study investigated the relationship between racial socialization experiences and depression symptoms such as lethargy, low self-esteem, cognitive difficulties, social introversion, irritability, guilt, pessimism, sad mood, instrumental helplessness, and overall depression amongst black youth. The authors hypothesized that racial socialization contributes significantly to the depression of black youth.

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this article took a look at the problems that come along with the use of Native American based names and mascots on sports teams across the country

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Many have come to believe that racism is an aspect that has lessened in time, although this belief is true, racism is still a major problem. There are still many outright racist minds left in the world that have not come to the biological proof that race does not exist. As Jenée Desmond-Harris explains in her article, “Racism is Real. Trump Helps Show it,” a new concept that was not covered in my class material as she names the “Ghost Metaphor” (Desmond, 2016,pg.2).

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Man allegedly shot and killed by police for holding a “gun” up and having drugs on him. Witnesses stated Mr.Scott did not have a gun in his hand , he was holding up a book.

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In this advertisement, a young woman looks straight at the camera. She sports a black eye, and is sitting on an expensive couch. A young man, dressed in a suit stands behind her, holding a diamond necklace. The ad reads: “Look good in all you do”. This ad is for a hair salon in Edmonton, Alberta, and has received a lot of negative press for the way the woman is portrayed. To start, the black eye is a sign of physical damage, usually associated to rape or intimate partner abuse.

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In one of the first lectures of my third semester class “ The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism,” we were told a logical reasoning that there is no such thing as human races, but rather a single race known as the human race. Following this discussion, we were asked to identity which ‘race’ we are.  Without hesitation, I answered, “I am Caucasian,” thinking this was a simple question. Yet seeing from the responses of my classmates, I was deemed wrong.  The individuals sitting next to me truly believed that being Jewish or Irish was a race.

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