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In light of recent world events, many individuals turn to their world views for consolidating. Many major religious heads have made comments on the Paris attacks and condemn the ISIS terrorist. Andrew Copson, President of The International Humanist and Ethical Union, recently commentated on the event. Copson stated that the terrorist acts epitome of anti-human ideology. He questions ISIS’ true intentions and portrays their movement as one of hate and evil. Copson goes on to explain the right way for humanist to look at the situation.

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I know when reading the title you will probably say: oh no not another article on the attack... But, what I want to do with this post is not to bore you, it is to woke up some people who seems to not understand very well the situation. 

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To be a philanthropist, means to give some of your money to people who are less fortunate than you during their life time, people who have been less lucky during their up-bringing. Coming from someone who grew up in a very poor country, I would have loved to have any international aid to make my life and the ones of my family easier.  

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For many years now, humans have used animals for testing and experimentation. The tests range from biological testing to cosmetic testing. The topic of animal testing is very controversial and brings up the debate on whether or not stricter laws should be put in place (Wikipedia).

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