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After reading a post on poverty, I was interested in looking as services and programs in my local area that work with poverty and impoverished youth. Rochester Works! is an organization based in Rochester, NY that looks at the issue of poverty and helps individuals in need by providing resources for them to be successful. They work with a 2,000,000 dollar budget that they use to put on their programs and offer their services. One of their programs is working with unemployed individuals and providing a 5-day training to help them jump-start their career.

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The organisation that I will volunteer for is called Centre St-Vincent-de-Paul. This organisation sells second hand furniture to families and people who do not have the financial luxury to pay for top price merchandise.  The organisation’s goal is to collect donations from people, and sell it at affordable prices. The organisation’s mission is to help families get essential accessories to help them live their lives.

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In my recent posts, I have been talking about education. While doing some researches, I arrived upon an interesting person that has a huge impact and changed a lot in our education recently.

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Cyberbullying is fairly common among the younger communities and people have a hard time deciding how to deal with it.

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