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Astronomers have discovered three planets in the star cluster of Messier 67. The Planets were discovered in an, open cluster, type of star cluster. An open cluster is a group of stars formed a cloud of gas and dust. Planetary discoveries outside of our solar system are common. In fact, it is said that over one thousand planets have already been discovered. However, what is so special about these three planets is that they are in a star cluster. This phenomenon is rare and only a few planets within star cluster have been found.

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Cloning has naturally been going on for thousands of years already. Actually, the definition of a clone is a living thing created from another, leading to two organisms with identical DNA. Some examples of the product of DNA replication are the reproducing mode of some plants, the regeneration of earthworms and even the creation of identical twins. However, recent developments provided humans the ability to intentionally create clones by working on cells. Even more recently, Japanese and Russian researchers entered the process of cloning a mammoth.

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