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Objectification of Women in the Fashion Industry  

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How would you feel if you knew one of your younger siblings was being forced into hard labour instead of having a normal childhood? How about not being able to see your parents often enough because they are subjected to intense workload in their factory in order to be able to feed you? It may not be a first world problem but it is obvious that these scenarios are terrible because we all know we would not want to experience such things. So why should workers suffer in factories to produce the goods we buy?

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Soraya Chemaly writes in her blog “Mass Killings in the US: Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity” about the disturbing details and facts about the recent mass shootings which are occurring in the United States. In the US, mass shootings that occur in schools definitively do not go unnoticed. It is reported that 10% of mass shootings occur in schools and by October of 2015, 45 school-based shootings had already taken place.

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