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On a sunny afternoon sitting in a Starbucks drinking the darkest coffee I asked myself why did I chose to get mobilized for the Aboriginals? The answer is as simple as the question: because if I don’t care then we have to assume nobody will!

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While following what’s been going on in the news for the past semester, I realized that as a society, we still face multiple contemporary issues regarding different “categories”, such as human rights, youth, the environment, education, and health. While all the news summaries and research I did greatly developed my knowledge and broadened my perceptions with respect to regional, national, and international news, the issue regarding elderly abuse caught my interest.

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Foster care children are more likely to get mental illnesses, mental diseases and behavioral problems. This is no longer an interrogation but an actual fact. The children’s age when they are placed into foster care does affect them, either positively or negatively, as in one case the chances of mental sequels are increased, and in the other decreased. The results show that a child remaining too long in an abusive home with the biological parents has more chances of having behavioral problems, mental illnesses or mental diseases.

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Children are sometimes neglected or not treated well. Child abuse must be taken seriously. At their age, children do not have the resources to do something about it or to talk about it. The role of children is not to protect themselves. On the opposite, this is the duty of the parents' child and of the government. It is a real problem when the people who are suppose to protect the children are hurting them and neglecting them. These situations are present in all communities but they should not be.

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The Breakfast Club of Canada is a non-for profit organization that provides children with a healthy breakfast at school who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to have one. One of the fundamental goals of the club founder Daniel Germain is solving poverty and changing history. By adding a few changes to their existing program they could further their cause of eradicating poverty.

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An organization called “Kids Help Phone”, allows individuals to contact professional counselors, day or night, 365 days a year. These counselors provide support and advice for all sorts of problems, no matter how big or how small the problem is.

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In his article " Child Protection Officials to Push for Custody of Lev Tahor Children" in The Gazette, Jason Magder explained the problem of child abuse and neglect in the Lev Tahor community. This Jewish and ultra-orthodox sect is composed of 250 members including 127 children. The "Quebec and Ontario's child protection services" are working to remove all of them in the next few months. However, the authorities think that the community will shortly move. Already, nine of them including six children were arrested while they were trying to buy ticket in direction of Guatemala.

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Taking a look at how religious discord within families affects the quality of relationship between parents and young children. Research suggests that higher religious discord correlates with a lower quality relationship. From my experience I have found this to be true.

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More and more in society, we are seeing young people suffering from extreme anxiety, being diagnosed with forms of clinical depression, and, in some cases, even committing suicide. In many of these instances, past sexual relationships are what are at the root of these unfortunate down-ward spirals in young adults. Where is this system going wrong?

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The affects of drinking and driving not only can ruin your own life, but also any others that you surround yourself with.

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Since the beginning of the semester, I read a lot about child abuse and I wrote some posts about it. What interests me the most are the effects of this traumatizing experience in the future life of the victims and what can help them to accept and talk about what had happened. I read the article "Wave of sexual abuse allegation for Private Boy's School in Britain" and it made me realize how hard it is to reveal that you have been abused at a certain moment in your life.  Also, the work of C.

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Child abuse is a topic that no one really wants to talk about and the victims do not always want to come out and revealed what had happened to them. In the article "Wave of sexual abuse allegation for Private Boy's School in Britain" published in The Gazette, Stephen Castle exposes a scandal related to child abuse in a Britain school. In this article, he explains that it is only years after the actual event that one of the former student revealed what had really happened.

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As the definition of a nation develops, people with the same history, language, culture and religion, tend to form a nation in the same geographical territory. Like the Muslims in Pakistan and the Hindus in India, the French speakers are installed in Quebec while the English speakers are in the rest of the Canada. However, contrary to the Muslims, the French speakers are still in the same country than the English speakers. To that effect, the Quebecers did not reach the independence like the Muslims did. However, both nations had their own leader to follow.

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Muslims and Quebecers were both minorities in their country that wanted their own separated territory. Both developed some similar nationalist arguments. The main argument the Muslims were using has been explained by Jinnah in his most famous speech. He was saying that “it is the clearest statement of ‘the two-nation theory’, that Hindus and Muslims were more than two religions; they were two nations” (Bary and Hay 228). This argument is very similar to the one that the inhabitants of Quebec are using.

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The situation of India and Pakistan is very similar of the situation of Quebec and Canada. To begin, they had a common source a problem (the British in this case) and they both had to ally in order to get rid of the problem. The Quebec is a minority in Canada and they want to be considered as a different country because of their different language, historical background, religion, traditions etc. Like the Muslim in India, the Quebec population tried to become an Independent country. Quebec tried twice with referendum but failed, unlike the Muslim who succeeded by creating Pakistan.

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The article Men Do Get It: Eating Disorders in Males from an Asian Perspective by Tan Shian Ming, Pearlene Lin Miao Shan, Angeline Kuek Shu Cen, Lee Ee Lian, and Evelyn Boon Swee Kim focuses on the eating disorders found in males from the Asian perspective. Historically data about male eating disorders have been over looked and not focused on. Recently there has either been a large amount of men with eating disorders or men have been over looked in the past. The ratio or male to female eating disorders is 1:10 historically but recently data supports the ratio 1:3.

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Children with disabilities require more individualized care than the average child. In this article, a new method of teaching is being studied. Coaching children to learn, rather than traditional teaching methods, might be the answer to helping disabled children receive more properly formed education.

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The video I just watched called "Embrace the Shake" by Phil Hansen talks about his passion for art until his hands start shaking preventing him from doing the art he loves. His doctor diagnosed it as permanent never damaged and simply told Phil to just imbrace it.

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I discuss the effects of childhood abuse when a person grows up. Early abuse may lead to depression and high levels of stress compared to someone who did not experience adversities as a child.

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The "Aids Community Care" in Montreal works hard to develop a better society free from HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)/AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This organisation gives moral support to people affected by this disease and informs the population about the risks related with HIV/AIDS.   In 2014 they will work on many projects of prevention. They will give toolkits to teachers in High schools so they can inform more effectively their students on HIV/AIDS disease and safe sex.    

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The "Aids Community Care" in Montreal works hard to develop a better society free from HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)/AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This organisation gives moral support to people affected by this disease and informs the population about the risks related with HIV/AIDS.   In 2014 they will work on many projects of prevention. They will give toolkits to teachers in High schools so they can inform more effectively their students on HIV/AIDS disease and safe sex.    

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The organisation's core values and goals are to bring hope to women suffering from cancer or who have survived cancer. The Pharmaprix weekend is also to remember people who lost their battle to cancer. During the weekend, people will walk and funds will be raised for the Segal Cancer Center of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. This year, the organisation is celebrating his tenth year of fighting to end cancer. They are working hard every day to raise money for cancer researches, for prevention programs and for treatments at the Segal Cancer Center.  

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"Diapason-Jeunesse", member of the ROCPLD, works to help the children's scholar perseverance. This Laval organisation thinks that children should be able to trust themselves in accomplishing what they want in life. They want to help them in their education and prevent them from school dropping. They are also recognised by the Ministry of Education for their work.  

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The Heart and Stroke foundation's goal is to raise funds for the research on heart diseases. Their vision is to "prevent disease", "save live" and "promote recovery". Many events occur during the year and the Banquet du coeur is the big event that happened annually. This reception takes place in the Montreal area. It is for business community who wants to make donation to the organisation.  

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Fashion and beauty are part of our every day life. We are judge constantly on our appearance and ignoring others' judgment is extremely difficult. People are ready to do many things to achieve what they want to look like. Whatever they do, some will never like what they see in the mirror.  These people will often develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These problems are very present in the women's fashion industry because girls are constantly comparing themselves with each other.

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Summary: Is the media taking anorexia and other health related problems too far? Are they actually concerned about the celebrities and their well-being or are they more concerned about their ratings?

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There are many different aspects in this world that can be considered as a social issue. One issue that is a serious topic in society today is obesity. Obesity is a condition, which involves someone who is extremely fat or overweight. In our society today, many people face this condition, especially kids. This is an epidemic and is one of the main public health concerns that our society faces.

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Each person should have his own rules about the place of religion in his live. Each individual is different and this diversity is very important. Consequently, it is impossible that everybody believes in the same thing. It is normal to say that different societies have different believes. However, the place of religion in one particular society cannot be the same for everybody because some people may be less practicing than others and some may believe in no religion at all. Rules about religion cannot be put into law if they have not the same meaning for everyone in the community.

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Considering we live in a multicultural country, we accept many different types of cultures/religions. I believe that we should allow others to practice their religion as freely as they wish to do so. However, they should do so in a respectful and proper matter. This can be an advantage to our society because it will allow diversity and it can lead to others being opened-minded. In its own way, religion provides us with many life lessons and can guide an individual.

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I think that religion should not be omnipresent in society and control everything. Since a few years, some societies have a tendency to promote their religion by denying certain rights of other religions. I believe that today everyone should be able to practice his or her religion if it does not prevent others from practicing theirs. Today we should try to take what’s good in every religion and live all together.

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In my last post I explained how a women died in an escalator of the metro station in Montreal. However, this accident is not the only one. Many accidents are related to escalators. In her article "Danger On The Escalator", Tatiana Morales explained what happened to a young boy in the United States. Scooter Anderson was four years old when he lost part of his foot while he was halfway down the escalator.  His foot got stuck between the sidewall and the steps of the escalator.

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Sometimes, negligible elements can cause accidents and deaths.  Everyday life actions can become dangerous if we don't pay enough attention to them. Anne Sutherland and Michelle Lalonde explained in The Gazette one of these events that happened in Montreal on January 30, 2014. This accident causes the death of a 48 years-old women while she was going down the escalator in the metro station. Her scarf got caught at the end of the escalator. When she tried to free herself, her hair got also caught and she died of strangulation a few minutes later.

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Being healthy is such an important issue and what we eat has a big effect on our health. In the article "A one-man mission to change our bad eating habits" published in The Gazette, Jill Barker informs us about the researches of Walter Willett. Willett is known as the best expert in the domain of dietetics.

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"I didn't move my parents into this place for them to burn", announce the daughter of L'Isle-Verte seniors' residence.

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Interrogations about the safety in the railroad industry after what happened at Lac-Mégantic.

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  More evidence that omega-3 could be helpful against neurodegeneration I was interested in this article because I already read about omega-3 and their effect on the emotions, but never on its effect on intellectual capacities.

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  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one asking myself “Do I make a difference in this world?” and “How do I make a difference?” Sometimes I tell myself that we all make a difference in our own way. The thing is, sometimes it cant be a great change, but obviously, sometimes changes can be bad… But now let’s talk about the great changes. Making a difference can be as easy as helping an old man carrying is grocery bags, giving someone the best advices you have or doing volunteering.

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