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Poverty in America is one of the biggest issues plaguing our country. According to the following table, thousands of people are suffering each day and it plagues more aces than others

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Many of the LGBTQ youth community face discrimination from their peers every day. Certain activities and that the community engages in can increase their empowerment and have a positive impact on their well-being.

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The NFL will not let teams show their support for officers that risk their lives everyday, but they let individual players kneel during our countries national anthem. Players are able to stick up for black lives but not officers that have been killed.

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20 million dollars is being distributed to over 100 police departments by the Department of Justice in hopes to restore the public's trust in law enforcement with new technology.

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After raping and leaving a woman completely vulnerable behind a dumpster, Brock Turner is sentenced to a mere 6 months prison time.

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The article I decided to read and write about is an article from the NY Daily Times written by Gersh Kuntzman. The article was written in lieu of the Orlando nightclub shooting. The author drove down to Philadelphia to shoot an AR-15 for himself. He described it in such a haunting manner that likened it to a bazooka and condemned its usage. He did talk to the gun dealer about background checks and the ability to purchase one. This article is concise but it does a fine job of explaining the issue of gun control and the serious danger such weapons are capable of. But it is obvious that the point of this article was to deter people from purchasing the weapon and potentially even banning the weapon. The article was meant to provide people who never experienced firing a weapon an idea of what it would be like. It was an opinion based article with the ultimate goal of trying to convince people to increase gun control.

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The notion of “human races” is a well-known subject that can be discussed and argued a lot. In general, humans tend to subjectively separate themselves in groups, based on variable human traits.  

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Socially Constructed Racism

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It’s simple, isn’t it? We can see the things that make humans different from each other. Hair texture and color, body proportions, and skin tone. These differences are so obvious and easy,  how can they be wrong? Well, they can be wrong because ‘races’ are not as black and white as people may think. By just using traits that are convenient to our eye, we create categories that are very subjective and not at all concrete. Since the traits we like to use are not consistent, the lines between ‘races’ become very blurred.

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