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The article ‘’ Ward 2 Candidate’s sign vandalized with racist graffiti’’ by Jenny Yuen in the Toronto Sun journal from October 11th 2014 explains a tragic gesture that has been done towards a 22 years old Somali-Canadian girl named Munira Abukar. One of her friends had seen her candidate Ward 2 campaign board filled with graffiti’s and then, told her about it. On the Campaign board it was written ‘’ Go back home,’’ the people who did this gesture also added on the top of her name the word bitch.  Munira Abukar thought that it was shocking and mean. It also frustrated her.

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London Ontario is home to many people, it is known to be the city of students, but also as the “white city”. Being a black kid in a white city will be hard, especially if they constantly hear racist and inappropriate comments based on their ethnicity or even skin color. Also being the only kid of color with two other friends in the whole dormitory can be hard too. One night out in a club called Jacks, after their first shot they see white kids dressed as blackface.

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What is the ‘’man box’’? How does it apply to our society? This concept defines the social values of hegemonic masculinity in which men are supposed to conform. Men are taught to be dominant in every social aspect of their lives. They are taught to be aggressive not only socially, but sexually too. They are taught to be stoic, and to not show any emotional signs on their faces publicly. In short, they are taught to be tough guys in this so-called ‘’man box’’.

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This article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted By Police” talks about a young black teenager who got shot by police in Missouri. Ever since this incident happened African Americans in that area feel like there are tense relations between them and the police. This young boy who was shot while walking in his home town by a white police officer. Not only was this teenager shot but also killed by those gun shots then later on caused a riot in his home town. It was said the officer had no reasons to shoot, that boy was unarmed.

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“Talking to Kids About Race and Class” by Kelly Wallace on CNN from August 25th 2014, discusses the discomfort and unwillingness of parents to talk about race to their children. It also contains several testimonials of different parents expressing their point of view on the issue. Wallace argues that this apprehension is even more present since the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an 18-years old African-American man who got killed by a white police officer, while he was unarmed. Different approaches are use by parents to inform their children about the reality of race and class.

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