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Since time itself, men have been wired to behave a certain way. We see it all the time, the strong heroic type being praised for being so tough and manly. Never showing emotion, never backing down from a fight; he is glorified. Now, on the other hand, we have the sweet and sensitive type of man who is ridiculed for being the way he is. All of these stereotypes of how a man should behave fit into something called the “Man Box”. On the outside of the box however, we find the rejects. The men who know it’s okay to shed a tear once in a while, who know women aren’t just sex objects.

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Boys play with trucks and girls play with dolls; that’s how it’s always been. From the very beginning of a girl’s life she is being conditioned to behave like a typical girl. Either by the media or unintentionally by parents, she is bombarded with ideologies about what a women should be like. It’s all about Barbie, pretty clothes, aesthetics, kitchen sets, and playing mommy. On the other hand, boys are handed blocks, play tools and other things that help them develop motor skills. If the boy shows any signs of wanting to play with anything labeled as a “girl’s toy” he is reprimanded.

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