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                 The article “First Nation traditional hunters harvest 6 animals in Jasper National Park” talks about how First Nations were pushed off their traditional land in the Jasper National Park area and how this effected them.  They lost part of their culture when they were not allowed to hunt in this area.  Through the process of reconciliation between the First Nations and the government things are starting to change.

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Over the past few years Canada has become extremely reliant almost to a debatable point of being overly-reliant on natural resource extraction and falling into a staples economy trap where we have to think "what would happen to the economy if we run out of natural resources or natural resource prices drop?" . This is evident in the proposal’s of many resource transportation pipelines such as the East pipeline and the Keystone XL pipeline purposed by transCanada .

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Canada is globally recognized as a country that prides itself on the conservation and preservation of our land. CBC News’ article: Canada trails G7 in protecting land, parks advocates say is painting a very different picture.

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