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Child soldiers have been a problem for many years. Many countries continue to abuse these kids and force them to fight at a very young age, some as young as 8 years old. These soldiers do not only consist of boys but also consist of girls. One of the worst countries is Afghanistan. Terrorist groups like the Taliban and ISIS use child soldiers to perform task that are hard of older men or women, like planting bombs in small spaces or just convincing them that killing isn't as bad as it seems, which is easier than convincing an adult, I am sure. This is a problem that has to stop.

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Sabrina Furfaro Ms. Lamantia Grade 11 Global Issues April 14, 2016   Child Soldiers 250 000 Child soldiers in today’s society that have been token by rebel and non governmental groups by force. There are no ways to stop these groups as they just barge in and take the child. If the kid tries to not be forced by the group, they will be shot by the group and they will die. The kids get the hardest job as they cannot fight back. 

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Sabrina Furfaro Global Issues Presidential Races

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  The topic I will be discussing is the San Bernardino shooting which resulted in 14 deaths (diverse range: ages ranged from 22 to 60.) and injured more than 20 others.

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