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The diagnosis of ADHD in school-aged children has increased two-fold within the past decade. However, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between what is ‘normal’, immature behavior of young children from actual symptoms of ADHD.

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For many years, people have been concerned about the fate of the music industry as more and more internet users download or stream songs illegally.  Since the arrival of Netflix and similar services, it is the movie industry that is being targeted.  When I came across the article linked below, it made me reflect on the way Netflix is starting to revolutionize the film industry and its economy.  My family and I use the service and enjoy it. Should Netflix and similar services exist?

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During the recent Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in the United States, students part of a fraternity in an Arizona University decided to celebrate in a unique and possibly offensive way. Arizona State University holds a population of more than 77,000 students. Only 5% of the school’s population are black. On January 22nd, a national holiday in the states, commoderating Martin Luther King Jr., a fraternity group held a party where ‘non-black’ students mocked stereotypical black culture.

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