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a.      Topic & Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is child labour in India. This paper will be analytical. It will look at the origin and causes of child labour as well as both its positive and negative impacts on society. Finally, this paper will question how the West’s actions in face of child labour affect India and suggest potential solutions.

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Topic & type of paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is the child exploitation in Asian countries. This paper will first be analytical, by looking at the causes of this issue in Philippines and India and second it will be comparative by looking at how developed countries which do have children work can handle the situation compared to the developing countries such as India. As a society throughout the world we value the beauty innocence of child which is necessaire.

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  Halloween Costumes: Who Ever Thought They Could Have Racist Meanings? 

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“This Is When Racial Bias Begins to Impact a Child’s Empathy for Pain, Study Suggests:” An article written by Macrina Cooper-White who claims the empathy one feels in regards to another’s pain depends on one’s own racial bias, even when it comes to a child. The author states that previous research has shown that White people sweat more when they witness a White person suffering than when it is a Black person, and that a number of doctors prescribe stronger pain medication to White patients compared to Black patients. She affirms this unconscious bias to be a racial empathy gap.

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In the article “a kind of racism we’re not used to” written by Masha Gessen on January 9 2014 talks about his struggles among racism. Masha is Jewish, he is born and raised in Russia which made him apart of the minority group. As soon as he moved to America he became part of the white majority which was treated extremely well. A couple of years later he returned to Russia and formed a family. Since Masha had such a great experience in America he decided to move back with his kids. Although the situation turned out to be completely different.

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White Privilege: A Diagnosis or a Cure?

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On August 26, 2015, an article written by Mary Ward titled “Winnie Harlow says those imitating Vitiligo are ‘showing love’ not Blackface” reports a story about a model and her fans who disturbed social media users. Winnie Harlow, a famous model diagnosed with the rare skin condition, Vitiligo, needed to support her fans after they were called Blackface by Twitter users for posting pictures of them imitating the model’s skin with black and white make-up. This story brings forward the question of whether or not imitation is an insult or an homage to a culture or a “race”?

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